Return on investment

A Wheaton education represents an investment that pays a lifetime of dividends, offering a wide range of rewards. The return on a Wheaton education begins with the fact that our students graduate with all the tools required for success in a fast-moving world. The way that our graduates—and we—define success, however, is diverse and multi-faceted.

It includes:

  • graduates  earning power immediately after Wheaton and 20 years later
  • our graduates’ contributions to making the world a better place
  • the academic awards and honors our students earn
  • a lifetime of learning that includes graduate, doctoral and professional studies
  • students’ and graduates’ satisfaction with the value of the education they receive
This site offers a current snapshot, in data and examples, of what our graduates are doing in the world and how they feel about their education. 

Career potential

A Wheaton liberal arts and sciences education is highly practical. Our curriculum focuses on helping students develop the skills—in critical thinking, effective communication and collaboration—that employers value most highly.

We combine rigorous academics with an emphasis on learning through experience that gives students the opportunity to test their skills in the real world and demonstrate their abilities to potential employers.

Earnings Info

arrow Average starting salary
$39,600 (Class of 2013)
$38,800 (Class of 2012)

arrow Average mid-career salary

Where are members of the Class of 2013 working? Take a look.

Top Ten Fields

Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations
Law (attorneys, judiciary)
Health care
Banking and finance
Government service
Medicine (doctors, dentists, veterinarians)
Mass Media (radio, television, film, newspapers)

Earnings data derived from the National Association of Colleges and Employers.  

Advanced study

Our graduates earn admission to the nation’s most prestigious graduate and professional schools, and they often report that their Wheaton education prepared them very well for the rigors of advanced study. If you want proof of Wheaton students’ ability to compete successfully against the rest of the nation’s top students, you need only look at the number of prestigious scholarships and awards that our graduates win.
170 national academic awards since 2000, including:

  • 3 Rhodes Scholars
  • 73 U.S. Fulbright awards
  • 11 Watson Fellowships
  • 8 Rotary International Scholars
  • 6 Truman Scholars
  • 6 Gilman International Scholars
  • 4 Marshall Scholars
  • 4 Udall Scholars
  • 3 Beinecke Scholars
  • 2 James Madison Fellowships
  • 1 George Mitchell Scholar


Student experience

Statistics say:

  • 96 percent of seniors credit their Wheaton education with helping them “very much” to develop their ability to think critically and analytically.
  • 86 percent of seniors credit their Wheaton education with helping them “very much” to develop their ability to write clearly and effectively.
  • 83 percent of seniors credit their Wheaton education with helping them “very much” to develop their ability to speak clearly and effectively.
  • 95 percent of Wheaton seniors rate their overall Wheaton experience as “excellent or “good.”

Students say:

“I could not have asked to attend a better college – it has been the absolute perfect fit for me, from the professors and faculty to the student-led activities on campus, my four years here have been filled with intellectual challenges, excitement, and relationships that will last forever.”

“One of the things I like most about Wheaton College is its ability to give me every opportunity to grow and become a well-rounded person.”

“The professors at Wheaton College are truly engaging and inspiring. With help from them and the comforting community that makes up this beautiful campus, I have been able to develop both intellectually and socially in the past four years. The awareness that comes with a Wheaton College education is priceless.”

Source: National Survey of Student Engagement, 2013


What others say

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Nine consecutive years ranked among the nation’s top ten in preparing undergraduates to win U.S. Fulbright awards.
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The Best 378 Colleges 2014. “Faculty are ‘easily the strong point of Wheaton,’ as ‘tenured, associate, and visiting professors are all extremely well-educated and aren’t pretentious in their teaching style.’
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Ranked #65 among all liberal arts colleges and #44 on the guidebook’s list of institutions recommended by top high school college counselors as offering the best undergraduate education.
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America’s 25 Brainiac Colleges … that is, colleges “where brainiacs flock and flourish.”
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Best Bang for the Buck – Liberal Arts Colleges
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Since its founding, Wheaton has cultivated a rich history of academic excellence.
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A great college for those looking for a well rounded experience.